Jennifer Kincer

The Younger Years


Jennifer Lynn Kincer was born in Detroit, MI with the belief early on that she would someday be a singer as well as an actor on the big screen.  She grew up a "tomboy,” catching frogs, climbing trees and playing sports with her three brothers. Jennifer has been singing since she was five years old, whether at the nearby nursing home or just sitting on the front porch singing for hours with her dad, who played guitar and sang as a hobby. He was her earliest musical influence. She also got the acting "bug" when she was young while watching classic shows such as Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days. She would often "act" in the bathroom mirror, making up her own TV commercials! Her mother, who quietly dreamed of being in the movies, named Jennifer after the 1950's movie star, Jennifer Jones and superstar, Jennifer O'Neill.


Her real performing began in sixth grade with much encouragement from her amazing middle school and high school music teacher, Laura Wallace. It was there that her talents began to shine. She had lead roles in musicals, solos in choir and earned music scholarships to attend Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp during her summers. She continued performing in High School, singing in choirs, landing lead roles in the musicals and pursued many music and acting opportunities outside of school. In 1986, she caught her "big break" on national television appearing on the popular show, which began locally in Detroit, called Music Machine. Jennifer got a taste of the "biz" when she filmed a music video for that show at C.J. Barrymore's in Clinton Township, singing to the song My Guy. Jennifer's episode of Music Machine aired nationally in 1987. She was thrilled to be listed in that week's edition of TV Guide



The College Years and After


Jennifer attended Oakland University on music and academic scholarships. She had a lot of performing experience but little formal training. While never having a voice lesson in her life, no musical instrument experience, she made her way through Oakland University's music program with a lot of blood, sweat and tears and unyielding encouragement from her amazing voice teacher, Edie Diggory Mellow. She was on scholarship for being part of a performing group called Meadow Brook Estate, a singing and dancing group that traveled state wide. Jennifer graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Music Degree.


Jennifer understood the performance side of music and wanted to learn the business side as well. Therefore, she pursued an internship and later full time job in the Events Department at the Palace of Auburn Hills/Pine Knob Music Theatre. In the Events Department she had the privilege of working under some of the most amazing event coordinators and booking agents in the country. Jennifer coordinated trade shows, dealt with client ticketing, distributed artist gifts and assisted with coordination of concerts, which eventually earned her the Events Employees of the Year award. She went on to work with the President of Marketing and Bookings. After several exciting years of meeting artists, working backstage at these award winning music venues and learning how the "business" works, she decided to trade in the long backstage hours for a family of her own and more schooling. After leaving the Palace and Pine Knob, Jennifer began working as a private voice instructor and returned to Oakland University to attain a K-12 public school music teaching endorsement, followed by a Masters Degree in Music Education. This led to a teaching position in Oakland University's Music Department, where she has taught for 7 years. She was honored with the Outstanding Future Music Educator award. Jennifer  is coming up on her 16th year of  teaching voice lessons and still loves it!



Singing and Acting


Jennifer was always "reinventing" herself for the performing world. Before signing with agencies, she often received jobs because of her positive attitude, reliability and willingness to do a creative project for the sake of art.  After starring in a couple of movies for "free,” some paid roles in commercials and films began to come her way. Jennifer studied theatre in Middle School, High School, College as well as an intensive year long Film and Television acting class, after the birth of her daughter, when she decided to "make a go” of her professional acting dreams again!


Presently, Jennifer has several commercials and films in her list of credits , playing opposite various Hollywood actors such as Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, James Russo and Actor/Director, David Schwimmer in his film, "Trust."  You can see her list of film credits on IMDB or in the "Resume”  and "News” portion of this web site. IMDB: Jennifer Kincer -


In her spare time, Jennifer  enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling,  running, yoga, cycling, scrapbooking, songwriting, singing with bands and watching movies. In fact, she has been known to go to the movie theatre and watch three movies back to back, then head out to listen to a local band for the remainder of the night.


Jennifer continues to pursue her "dreams" of music and acting while juggling her roles of mom and vocal coach. Though performing is truly Jennifer's passion and "unique ability," her favorite things in the entire world are teaching, spending quality time with friends and family and HUGS and KISSES from her two favorite people; her kids.